On Sunday, April 2nd, Kenwood Racing president Jack Czajkowski, along with Kenwood partners Emily Lin and Chris Driscoll, spent the afternoon at beautiful Sunset Meadow Farm, visiting Win Money My Honey and Kenwood’s newest family members - our three two year olds, purchased during our visit a few weeks ago to OBS March in Ocala, Florida.

At this year’s OBS Two Year Olds in Training March sale, our patience paid off, as Kenwood was extremely fortunate to have been able to purchase these three outstanding horses at value prices:

Most are not aware of just how stressful it is on these young horses to get them to the sales and then to go through the additional rigors of the actual sale itself – it’s both physically and mentally taxing on them! Kenwood does not believe in rushing our babies into training, immediately following a sale. Once the sale concludes, we give them about a month off to get some much needed R&R, to decompress from the pressures of the sale. You’d be amazed at what a little R&R does for a young horse! Shortly after the conclusion of the OBS March sale, the three babies were vanned from Ocala, Florida to Sunset Meadow Farm, in Farmingdale, New Jersey.

Since 1985, Sunset Meadow Farm, located just 10 miles from Monmouth Park, has been owned and operated by Jeanne Vuyosevich and her husband Kenneth Kehoe. From the road, Sunset Meadow Farm looks deceptively small, however upon entering the driveway, you can see the expansive property. The farm is a fully operational horse farm, complete with 14 stalls, 8 paddocks and a sand training ring. It's truly a sanctuary for horses.



Jack, Chris and Emily arrived at Sunset Meadow Farm promptly at 1:00pm. As we pulled into the driveway, we were greeted by the farm's lawn jockey.



For those who don’t know Jeanne and Kenny, they are long-time fixtures in the New Jersey horse industry and at Monmouth Park. For both of these amazing individuals, their love for horses (and all animals, for that matter) is apparent. A true testament to her lifelong dedication to all things equine, last year, Jeanne was awarded the prestigious Rutgers Equine Science Center’s Spirit of the Horse award. Here is the video from the award ceremony. From our visit on Sunday, we can understand why she received this award!



Jeanne and Kenny were out in the back, working with the horses and immediately stopped what they were doing to welcome us. As we walked towards the pasture, the Flat Out colt (group #36) had already been turned out and was running around enjoying the fresh air. Right from the start, we could see what the positive effects of just a few weeks of R&R had on him. He greeted us with lots of energy, yet looked relaxed and content. His coat was shiny and he had that “ready to go to the track” look in his eye.


[photo courtesy of Jeanne Vuyosevich and Kenneth Kehoe]


After about 20 minutes of turn out time, Jeanne took the Flat Out colt back to the stall and she then brought the Kitten’s Joy filly (group #35) out to the paddock. Wow, this filly is such a sweetheart! She nuzzled with all of us, but especially took a liking to Emily. Clearly, she’s a girl’s girl, with a great demeanor. As with the Flat Out colt, we could tell right away that this filly was relaxed and happy after only a couple of weeks of R&R.




We spent about a half hour with the Kitten’s Joy filly, then proceeded to go to the stalls to visit with Win Money My Honey (group #28) and the Scat Daddy filly (group #37).  The Scat Daddy filly is a feisty redhead and she already has a reputation of being a bit of a diva. Not one to be camera shy, she had absolutely no qualms about posing for us. She looked fantastic and she looks like she can run all day!



In the nearby stall, we had a brief visit with Win Money My Honey, who is also getting a little R&R before resuming training for the upcoming Monmouth Park meet.  She was very happy to have visitors. She was very relaxed and looked more mature. We’re looking forward to seeing her run!



After visiting with Kenwood’s horses, we walked around the farm and got to meet some of their “farm” friends – a very cute donkey named Linzee, their dog Jake and a couple of cats.




All in all, it was an amazing visit - not just to see Kenwood’s horses, but also to have the opportunity to meet Jeanne and Kenny and tour their beautiful farm. These are two special individuals who have dedicated their lives to all things equine – it’s a lifelong passion for them. As Kenwood partners and co-owners, we feel very good that our horses are in the capable and caring hands of two individuals who put the horse first.

For more photos from our visit to Sunset Meadow Farm, please click here.

As part of our Taste of Thoroughbred Ownership® program, only a couple of shares remain in these three groups: #35 (Kitten’s Joy filly), #36 (Flat Out colt) and #37 (Scat Daddy filly). For co-ownership details on any of these three groups, please click here.

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