Kenwood Racing Taste of Thoroughbred Ownership® Groups #35, #36 & #37

This year’s OBS March sale is one that will long be remembered for the three outstanding prospects we were able to purchase at value prices. We did our homework and came home with a colt and two fillies we are thrilled to have in our barn. As well as we have done with horses from this sale in past years, we think these three horses have a chance to be the best yet.

As you’ll see from the details below, we have exceptional individuals by very prominent sires. If two of them were packaged in a group it would be $8,000 - $9,000 and many of you expressed the desire to be able to participate at a lower price point. We want to make this opportunity affordable to as many people as possible, so we’re offering them separately AND reducing the management fee included in the package pricing below since it’s a single horse ‘group’, which will keep each group well under $5,000, as always a one-time payment with no future bills ever!

ANY horse we like enough to bid on at a sale is a horse we feel has the potential to be a really good racehorse. The truth is, nobody knows for sure which horse will be the “good” one, if we did, we’d buy that one and no others. There are never any guarantees in this business. Potential does not always equal racetrack success! With our own money invested in every horse we offer to co-owners, we are very selective about what we purchase at any price point!

Here’s a brief description of the horses in Kenwood Racing groups #35, #36 & #37...

Group #35

HIP #207 (Kitten’s Joy – Spirit Line) is a really good-looking filly by one of the premier sires in North America. Kitten’s Joy is a leading sire in North America, he has over 75 stakes winners and his foals have been particularly good at classic distances on both turf and dirt. This filly has two full sisters; one has earned over $130,000 to date and the other is a stakes winner of over $230,000. While pedigree isn’t a guarantee, when you have a breeding that has worked this well not once but twice, it’s reasonable to be very optimistic about her prospects. We loved her and were prepared to pay a LOT more, but when she failed to reach her reserve, we went to the seller and purchased her post-sale for a value price. She’ll be trained by Ben Perkins at Monmouth Park, where she’ll hopefully make her debut this summer.  Click here to view the catalog page and under tack video.

Group #36

HIP #441, (Flat Out – Circustown Rose) is a powerful, athletic colt from the first crop of a multiple grade 1 winning sire who earned over $3,600,000 in his career. He’s out of a young, stakes winning mare from a female family filled with stakes horses. Of the 6 colts at the sale that made our final bid list, he was our top choice. Big, strong colts who move well on the track are generally very hard to buy because everyone is looking for horses with classic distance potential. We were fortunate to get this horse at a price we could afford. He’ll be trained by Ben Perkins and based at Monmouth Park, where he hopefully will make his debut this summer.  Click here to view the catalog page and under tack video.

Group #37

HIP #658, (Scat Daddy – Lemon Splash) was purchased at the end of the sale from a one-horse consignment. We were incredibly fortunate here; by the time she came into the ring, there were no serious bidders waiting for her and they had to buy her back. We approached them post sale and were able to buy her at a great price. To offer some perspective, we were the under bidder on two very similar fillies that sold for $72,000 and $77,000 by lesser sires. This is Scat Daddy’s final crop (he unfortunately died three years ago prematurely after being an exceptional sire). All the other Scat Daddy’s at this sale sold for $100,000 plus (if you want a real good comparison, look at hip #588; also a filly by Scat Daddy with the exact same very fast 10.1 workout time; she sold for $105,000). You may recall a few years ago we purchased a Scat Daddy filly post-sale, coincidently for the exact same price. Her name was Jersey Jules and she won multiple allowance races and $100,000 in purses for us. This filly will be trained by Ben Perkins at Monmouth and hopefully make her debut there this summer (remember, plans as to trainers, races, tracks, etc. are always subject to change with all horses!).  Click here to view the catalog page and under tack video.


Every horse costs more than just the sale price of the horse itself. All serious buyers, ourselves included, don’t just show up and bid serious money without the proper research. We spend thousands of dollars on extensive pre-sale vet work, which many times reveals a significant concern that keeps us from bidding on a horse that looks good on paper and probably will never make it to the races (there’s a reason 100% of the two year olds we’ve purchased at these sales the last 7 years have run and over 90% have won). We pay for extensive pedigree research tools, plus almost $1,000 a day to our private clocker, who times the workouts and gallop out times and takes extensive written notes on every single horse in the sale (again, all serious buyers do this, it’s essential information, although it’s shocking how many uneducated people don’t)! The pricing below includes all this, plus our one-time management fee that covers everything from overhead to box seats, photos, trophies, parties, free admissions, etc. Our program offers a unique in the industry one-time payment; NO future bills or expenses for our co-owners ever! We pay all the training, vet, vanning etc. bills each month upfront (app. $3,000 a month) and if the horse is a total loss (it happens now and then - to everyone!), we eat your share of these bills, which can cost us tens of thousands of dollars on occasion.

Our goal in creating the Taste of Thoroughbred Ownership® program was to change the way thoroughbred syndicates typically work; no games, no gimmicks, no hidden fees or markups. An affordable one-time payment for a first-class ownership experience. Your response to this program speaks for itself! As we approach our 100th individual co-owner we’d like to thank you for your support. We promise no matter how much we grow never to forget our commitment to offer our co-owners the best value in the business!

Group #35;  A 5% (4.99%) interest in HIP #207 (Kitten’s Joy – Spirit Line) is $3,700.00. 

Group #36; A 5% (4.99%) interest in HIP #441 (Flat Out – Circustown Rose) is $4,400.00

Group #37; A 5% (4.99%) interest in Hip #658 (Scat Daddy – Lemon Splash) is $4,800.00.

As mentioned above, (unlike with syndicates) these are one-time payments; there are no additional funds to be paid by the purchaser at any time for any reason.

Basic Terms;

Once all of the horses in a group have been sold/retired, Kenwood will provide each purchaser with an accounting of income and expenses, along with payment for the value of their interest according to the terms of our management agreement. All purchasers sign a Thoroughbred Racehorse Management Agreement, including a Bill of Sale and a letter of interest page. The above description is just an overview, those are the legal documents that spell out specific terms and conditions, which must be reviewed with your attorney, accountant and other advisors. This is not an offer to sell any interest or any horse! Thoroughbred racing is not for everyone, and we only work with a limited number of Co-Owners. If you think one of these packages might be of interest to you, contact us and then review all documents fully and carefully with your advisors!

It is important to remember that racehorses, while offering great potential, also involve considerable risk. There are literally thousands of horses with excellent pedigrees and conformation, some purchased for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, which never race, never win, and/or do not earn back their purchase prices due to a variety of reasons. This is especially the case with young, unraced horses. That’s why we market our program first and foremost as entertainment. You should use money you would otherwise spend for season tickets to a sports event or a concert or membership in a golf or tennis club that you would never expect to see returned!  Any horse’s performance and value can change dramatically with a single winning race or bad step. If you are looking for predictability and security, the racing game is not for you!

First come, first served with these groups. They will fill up fast. We cannot promise to have space for anyone in any particular group. 

For more information on any of these three groups, please fill out this form, call us at (732) 775-1930 or email us at