Record number for first group of 2017 season

Kenwood Racing’s first co-ownership group of 2017, a single horse group comprised of a lovely Pennsylvania-bred filly out of a multiple stakes winning mare, was oversold in just 12 days, the company announced today. “It’s a great way to begin 2017,” stated company president Jack Czajkowski. “Our Taste of Thoroughbred Ownership® program is a unique, owner-friendly structure and people have really responded to it”.

Several new co-owners joined a large number of people who have been a part of previous groups. “We flew past the 10 shares we usually offer and ended up with 15+ co-owners. There was interest beyond that; we could easily have sold every single share in this filly, but we always keep shares for ourselves because Kenwood wants to invest our own money and be the largest shareholder in every horse we purchase” explained Kenwood founder and co-managing partner H. Robb Levinsky. “That’s one of the things that distinguishes us from syndicates, we eat our own cooking and don’t offer people to participate in any horse we don’t have our own money invested in”. “We are delighted at the response we’ve received” Jack Czajkowski said. “The interest was certainly welcome and appreciated. We’re really gratified to have new co-owners join our program, many of whom were referred by current co-owners, which obviously is high praise indeed ”.

For group #34, Kenwood would like to thank the following co-owners for their support;

John Haller

Ellen Gaynor

Charlie & Dolores Bush

Wasabi Ventures Stables

Bob Kasinow

Steve Denholtz

Rafael Lopez

Bob Byington

Patrick Kinsella

Francis Gallagher

Joe Wyner 

Nick Fiore

Doug Sylvester

Howie Gregg

Rocky Biondi

John Garofolo

Frank Barone

Steve Cassidy