Kenwood Racing welcomed co-owners Charlie & Dolores Bush as Kenwood partners as of October 1, 2017.  “Charlie & Dolores became part of the Kenwood Racing family as co-owners in 2015” explained Kenwood founder and managing partner H. Robb Levinsky. “They have participated in virtually all of our co-owner groups since and both of them share a love for the thoroughbred game. We felt they would be a great fit for our company and are delighted to have them join us as Kenwood partners”.

Both born & raised in Essex County, NJ, Charlie & Dolores presently live in Lacey Township in Ocean County and attend races at Monmouth & Delaware Park regularly. 

Dolores was an Office Manager for many years in a busy medical practice while Charlie's diverse career included work at Walter Kidde, W F & John Barnes, 3M company, and Stryker, where he met and become friends with Kenwood President Jack Czajkowski, who first introduced him to Kenwood Racing.  Charlie & Dolores each retired in 2012 and sold their longtime summer home along the Toms River to live in Lacey Township.  

“Dolores & I are both relatively new to thoroughbred ownership” Charlie explained, “but Dolores has long been an avid racing fan. After being a Co-owner for several years and observing the Kenwood management team, she wanted to become a Partner and own a piece of a very exciting and innovative business."  

“Kenwood is very pleased to welcome Charlie & Dolores and the other people who are joining us as Kenwood partners at this time” stated Kenwood president Jack Czajkowski.  These are exactly the kind of people we want as owners of our company”.

Kenwood’s unique “Taste of Thoroughbred Ownership®” program continues to experience dramatic growth and expects to welcome its 100th co-owner to the Kenwood Racing family in 2017.