A happy ending to a racing career cut short by injury, as seen by these photos of our old friend, Bobby Blue Eyes, who was injured pulling up after a race last winter at Gulfstream Park and subsequently retired. One of our loyal Florida Kenwood Racing co-owners, CynSeo, has a beautiful farm in Vero Beach, Fl. and she gave Bobby a safe home and has lovingly cared for for him for many months now as he recovers from his injury. The photos and her note below speak for themselves. A more caring person and a better life for this horse could not be found anywhere. When the time comes to retire our horses, we do right by them, as they have by us.

"Hi Robb and Jack, Bobby is continuing to improve, but he is not able to go out to the regular paddock yet. With sedation, he can go out to a small corral every morning for about two to three hours. He needs to keep calm and not rear or run. I am also giving him laser treatments every day to speed up the healing process. The vet will come back at the end of July to see if he can go out and run.

Bobby is totally adorable! He grazes and then lays down to continue eating grass! I have attached three photos. I can't help but hug him!

All the best to you both,