Who should consider becoming a Co-Owner?

It is important to understand that the majority of thoroughbred racehorses ultimately lose money.  While Kenwood manages racehorses in a business-like manner with the goal of producing profits, the main purpose of Co-Ownership is to provide people with pleasure and entertainment for a modest, one time cost similar to other sports related entertainment. We only offer Co-Ownership interests to people who can afford the loss of any part or all of their purchase price and whose primary interest is the entertainment value of racehorse ownership, with any possible financial returns a secondary consideration.

Who manages the horses?

The horses are managed by Kenwood Racing under a management agreement that spells out the terms and conditions of Co-Ownership. We make owning a racehorse a pleasurable experience from start to finish by handling all the paperwork, accounting, and day-to-day horse management (including entering horses in races, stabling and general care), while you enjoy the perks and the benefits of Thoroughbred ownership. Kenwood has complete control relating to all decisions regarding the training, care and ultimate sale of the horses. Our business is racehorse management.

What are the benefits/amenities of Co-Ownership?

Co-Owners enjoy the pleasures of thoroughbred ownership including:

  • Complimentary racetrack admissions
  • Seating in private box seats and/or at turf club tables
  • Stable area access for morning workouts
  • Paddock privileges to see your horse saddled
  • Winners circle photos and race videos
  • Invitations to thoroughbred sales and events
  • Invitations to private parties with fellow owners

What about the board and training bills?

Many people ask "what about the training, vet, board, vanning and other bills associated with ownership that syndicates charge"? With our program, there are absolutely NO bills or other payments to be made after the initial one-time payment at the start of each group. When the group ends, the bills come out of the initial payment you made, but you can NEVER be required to pay any additional funds. 

When does the Co-Ownership end and what happens then?

When the final horse in the package is sold or retired to a good safe home once its racing career is over, Kenwood provides a cash flow statement for each Co-Owner detailing income and expenses and the management agreement is terminated. At that time, each Co-Owner receives their share of any profits or losses according to the management agreement. Under no circumstances is any Co-Owner ever required to pay any additional money beyond their initial payment for the Co-Ownership interest. If expenses exceed income by more then the amount the Co-Owner initially paid, Kenwood absorbs the additional loss.  

Why own horses with Kenwood Racing?

There are many ways to own thoroughbreds and many individuals, farms and syndicates eager to do business with you. We believe an educated consumer is the best customer anyone can have and encourage you to ask plenty of questions, thoroughly check industry references, and carefully compare all your options. Kenwood’s management team has many years of hands-on thoroughbred industry experience. Our founder, H. Robb Levinsky, has been actively involved with thoroughbreds for over two decades as a national award winning thoroughbred owner/breeder, racing manager, bloodstock advisor, and magazine columnist. Kenwood horses have won hundreds of races nationwide, including major stakes like the California Derby with horses purchased for very modest prices. Our success has been profiled in national media and leading industry publications such as The Blood-Horse, the San Francisco Chronicle and Boston Business Magazine. Unlike many syndicates, with Kenwood there are no gimmicks, hidden charges or markups. We earn our money on the back end, after our clients see results. We have our own money invested in the horses we sell so our interests are firmly aligned with the Co-Owners. Repeat purchasers and referrals are the cornerstone of our business.  Ask us for an extensive list of references from current and previous Co-Owners.

I’m interested, what’s the next step?

This is an introduction to how Co-Ownership works, not a legal document or an offer to sell anything. Thoroughbred ownership is definitely not for everyone! We only offer Co-Ownership interests to people who can afford the loss of any part or all of their purchase price and whose primary interest is the entertainment value of racehorse ownership. If that sounds like you, we can provide you with a sample copy of our thoroughbred management agreement and other documents to show to your attorney, accountant, and other legal/financial advisors.